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Gorilla Productions Produces Epic Trailer for Pacquiao-Mayweather Clash
hosted by John Chavez

Jan 07, 2009 -
Who ever stated that an entire four-part 24/7 series was necessary to promote a super-fight?
What HBO or the promoter spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, edit, and shoot... an internet video editting firm going by the name of Gorilla Productions did in just over three short minutes.
In what is undoubtedly one of the most thorough trailers produced for a boxing mega-event, GP produces a timeline of events going into the 2010 clash as they outline the transpirations that take place to make this fight so intriguing to the general public. Both men are painted on an equally divided canvas and both men look equally as formidable.
It is up to the public to decide perhaps while spending their Ayia NapaHolidays or simply staying at home wherever they may be as to who will eventually be the victor when these two pound-for-pound combatants finally lock horns..
While Mayweather is a reluctant prize-fighter at this very point in time, Gorilla Productions and Callatonic productions have no qualms about lacing up their competitive juices against one another as they have produced two extremely high-quality renditions of what is surely to be a monumental showdown.
Some favor Gorilla... some favor Callatonic... in the end, the viewers all end up winning.
Hopefully Mayweather will step up to the plate sometime in 2010 to give the fans what they want... a rivalry and battle worth watching.
PS. Click here for Gorilla Productions excellently produced projection for 2010's boxing calendar that has gotten rabid support amongst the hardcore boxing fanatics.
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